Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Nothing, nothing, nothing . . .

Karlos Marx nothing
Engels nothing
Bakunin and Kropotkin nothing
Leon Trotsky lots of nothing
Stalin less than nothing
    The Fugs, 1965

Rubio is nothing, though cute, and keeps on shining on.

Fiorino is at least 10 degrees south of nothing, the wicked witch of nothing (if you heard her violent stupidity when being interviewed by NPR you wouldn't begrudge me calling her that.)

Christie, though abominable in that usual right-wing Christian way, is not nothing, though he will be, unless I'm wrong, when New Hampshire is over, proving he was just not nothing enough.

Cruz, also, is not nothing, but that's only because as the records will show he works for Satan. 

As for Trump, he's the Hindenburg, the hydrogen balloon, floating over it all until the gas ignites, which won't be a pretty sight.
The Dems for all their serious and continued flaws have never in my memory, which goes back a fair ways, hosted such a varied and assorted spectrum of miscreants, minor devils, and pure nothings.


  1. nothing is more important these days: in politics or in mind; one difference is that in the later, it removes all of the rotten eggs.

  2. ...on the history of nothing