Friday, February 5, 2016

Bernie v. Hillary 2/4/16

I feel like I saw a very different Hillary v. Bernie debate last night than the news media reported. All outlets, including the Times, reported it was angry, bitter. Not the debate I saw. Yes, for sure were some very sharp, acrimonious exchanges. But the impression I came away with had at least as much to do with a modicum of mutual respect and points of agreement.

It's true, conflict, the more bitter the more better, makes for bigger headlines. But for that we have Republicans, a colony swarm of them.

And it's true Hillary and Bernie managed to skirt the real issues, like God, carpet-bombing, and keeping Muslims and Mexicans, and, especially, Islamo-Chicanos, out. Again, for that we are lucky to have Republicans. They cover that territory fine.

Republicans are more entertaining, in that low Jerry Springer way.

This may change tomorrow night, when Larry David plays Bernie Sanders on SNL. Rumor has it that Bernie will be there too. Will Bernie say to Larry you're a better Bernie than I, why don't you run?

And there may well be Kate McKinnon doing Hillary Clinton. McKinnon does a fine Hillary, presenting both the supposedly principled politician and the power-hungry ghoul beneath.

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