Monday, February 1, 2016

Bernie Sanders, my kind of Jew . . .

A question about Bernie Sanders's Jewish bona fides has come up, about his Jew creds.

I, for one, happen to feel just fine about his Jewishness. Before him, there was Joe Lieberman, who could run for vice-president in 2000, a heart beat away, as it were, because though he was Jewish he was observant, he believed, he had faith. 

Let me put it as I say it to myself: thus Lieberman was the kind of Jew Goyim could cozy up to. A believer.

Just by not going to shul, not davenning, that we know of, anyway, Sanders is already more distinctive and more radical.

What he doesn't so showily do makes him a better Jew in my eyes, than Lieberman ever was.

Can such a Jew win the presidency? Let me say, as I have, that I severely doubt it. But as for his being a Jew, he gets my vote.

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