Tuesday, January 26, 2016

no longer twenty . . .

Maybe it's because I'm no longer twenty, but I dread Trump and/or Cruz infinitely more than I dwell on differences, significant as they may be, between Clinton and Sanders.

For me, there clearly is a two-party system, the dividing line being sanity. 

I like Sanders and appreciate how much he's expanded the parameters of debate — it's, at the very least, worth putting single payer healthcare back into discussion — but, though I hesitate to say it, I can't imagine a Senator from the fine but, politically speaking, irrelvant state of Vermont — and a Jew, yet — winning a national election.

But maybe I should consider the limitations of my imagination, since I frankly can't imagine a President Cruz, warmongering evangelical fanatic, or a President Trump, warmongering billionaire crackpot, either. Either of them would make the world much worse, real fast.

I can manage to imagine a President Clinton, a Democrat following a Democrat, which last happened, as I've said before, when LBJ followed an JFK. Yeah, I know LBJ blew this advantage, and the good he was doing, besides, on the War in Vietnam.

Back to Hillary Clinton. Do I like the idea of her as president? I'm far from wild about it. Do I think we can do better? Yes, I do, but  not in 2016.

Let me step further out onto the admittedly attenuated limb of my political imagination: if it comes to it, I hope Bernie will not let himself become the 2016 equivalent of Ralph Nader, circa 2000.

He'll know better than that, won't he? He will, right?

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