Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Ways to Go . . .

Suppose, just suppose:

You are very old, terminally ill. The alternatives are grim: chemotherapy with dim prognosis; surgery, yet again; being farmed out to a nursing home where, as your neurons click one by one from one to zero,  the big television is always on loud, and the nurse's aides are few, far between, chronically underpaid, though nice enough now and again.

Let us present another choice, an heroic, environmentally sound, even green opportunity: get fed to hungry animals, critters you've sympathized with on nature shows, their survival put in doubt by urban sprawl, climate change, etc..

Put in doubt by us, including you.

If you find this notion worth entertaining, let's proceed.

Which would you choose to be devoured by?

a) Lions
b) Polar bears, grizzlies also being an option.
c) Wolves.
d) Salt water crocodiles (Salties)
e) Sharks
f) Termites.

We are not asking for your old car. We are asking for your old you.

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