Sunday, December 20, 2015

Truth and Power: Democratic debate (12/19/15)

I think Hillary reigned supreme last night. She seemed comfortable in her skin, loose, even on the spot funny. More body language than before, and humor:

Should corporate America like you?
Everybody should like me!

(That was very likable.)

It's like she's digested and  metabolized a bit of Bill.

I prefer Bernie, but think he in effect conceded to her last night, as in conceding too much authority, to her and to the moderators. Bernie corked it when they told him to cork it, as O'Malley, for what it's worth, did not.

Bernie loves truth but it could be to get where he wants to get and to effect the changes he has in mind you also have to find a way to appreciate and exemplify power.

Beyond that, yes of course it makes sense to go after Trump, as all three did, O'Malley even using the f word. But seems to me they should have directed some fire at the other republicans, Trump being something like the exception that proves the rule. The rest of the right-wing pack are hardly better, just less strident.

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