Friday, December 18, 2015


The big shots who run Wheaton College say they didn't fire Prof Lyrcia Hawkins because she wore a headscarf in order to express her opposition to anti-Muslim bigotry, but because she said Christians and Muslims believe in and pray to the same god.

How dare she, how dare anyone say such a thing.

The big shots who run Wheaton College know different: Allah and the Supreme Being of Christianity (plus, possibly, depending on the denomination, his son and, fuck knows, the holy spirit) are entirely different GAWDS.

They know this how? By virtue of DNA testing? Finger-printing? Sit-downs with the relevant holy spirits?

This makes me fall in love, all over again, with atheism.

I LUV atheism, not that it needs my love or affection or belief to be the case.

Truth is, to paraphrase Daniel Dennett on the subject, I don't think many people believe in God god or gawds. I think most people are sane, and don't believe so much as they try hard as they can to believe or seem like they do.

This doesn't mean I disbelieve in mystery. That would be stupid. We are surrounded by if not embedded in it.

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