Saturday, November 7, 2015

Sharm el-Sheik etc.

The good news of the day, 11/7/15: China and Taiwan are not going to war any time soon.

A Chinese site called "The Wok" has suggested that China intends, instead, to surround Taiwan with a thousand islands that suddenly pop up out of nowhere, throw in some soy sauce, and gobble it.

Then there's the bad news: give up your plan to vacation in the divine Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheik. Moshe Dayan, a great fan that location, once intoned: better Sharm el-Sheik without peace than peace without Sharm el-Sheik!

Since Dayan was never famed for humor, there's some conjecture about whether he was kidding.

Besides, Dayan got to Sharm el-Sheik only by routing Egyptian armies in his path and
conquering the whole Sinai peninsula. That's no longer an option, since the Sinai is now infested with the worst sort of Islamist terrorist (as compared to the nicer sort). This leaves us with neither Sharm el-Sheik or peace. Which is a downer.

Finally, the truly weird news: Trump is hosting SNL tonight.

I'm sure he'll fire and get fired many times. They'll overuse the line, for sure. So what. It's still weird news.

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