Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Police Murderer

Chicago cop Jason Van Dyke fired 16 bullets into black teenager Laquan McDonald, who was seen on video backing away. Officer Jason Van Dyke is being held, without bail, on charges of first degree murder.

The point I want to make is not that Jason Van Dyke is like most cops. He's not. My point is rather that true blue cop murderers like Jason Van Dyke — and it's not only Chicago that harbors them — almost get away with it. Cops protect cops. It's called the blue wall of silence. Prosecutors help cement that wall. So, too often, do mayors and other city officials.

And, until recently, there were no videos to penetrate the wall.

It took a year of legal action to pry the video away from the Chicago Police Department and make it public. According to the NY Times (11/25/15), "records show that the officer had been the subject of numerous complaints from residents, including allegations of using excessive force and making racial slurs."

That fits, if not defines, the profile of a police murderer: a history of abusive conduct, racial and otherwise, that ends in the sick result of police murder, which, these days, can now and again, be spotlighted on video.

Most cops are not like Jason Van Dyke. The ones who are usually get away with it. The news is that Chicago is prosecuting this case.

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