Thursday, October 22, 2015

Temple Mount, Temple Mount

Temple Mount, Temple Mount or if you prefer, Noble Sanctuary: once again I pray — well, since I don't pray, I must mean joke — that extra-terrestrials would come and take it, the whole of it.

Think of how much blood that would spare our species, blood having been shed, already being shed and with more to come.

That area is the pupik — belly button — of three great and awful Abrahamic religions, seemingly revving up their awfulness content all the time.

If it all disappeared Jews could not blame Palestinians or the opposite. There would be a wonderful moment of total confusion.

A sweet: "HUH!?:

There's no lack of confusion now, but nowhere near enough.

As for today's confusion: Jews and other non-Muslims are permitted up there. (I, in my trip to Jerusalem, was permitted to mount the Mount). Thing of it is, Jews are permitted up there, unless, God forbid, they pray.

Not kidding.

("The Palestinians have accused Israel of plotting to change a decades-old arrangement under which non-Muslims are allowed to visit the site, but not to pray there."

Isabel Kershner, "Palestinians Burn Jewish Holy Site in West Bank as Clashes Kill 4" NY Times 10/17/15)

How do you know if they pray/daven?

Well, devout Jews tend to shimmy when they pray, gather in groups of ten and then there is the kowtow to Hashem during certain prayers.

There are watchers, certified by both Israeli and Jordanian authorities, to pick out the davenners.

Plus, new technology allows for long distance — functional MRI — real time brain scans detection.

You can always tell when someone is praying. Why? I'm no neuroscientist. But some neuroscientists have pointed out that the same neurons involved in prayer are galvanized by pornography.

Only God knows why.

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  1. oh my... good news for some, as these neurons must need exercise too, and now there's another reason to activate them ;-}