Monday, October 12, 2015

Stupid Things . . .

My friend Fred Owen noted, re Russian air strikes in Syria, that things are getting complicated.

To be sure.

- What with Turkey in full-scale war against the Kurds (again)

- Turkey v. Assad and/or Turkey v. ISIS (hard to know)

- Dreadful signs of a 3rd Intifada in Israel

- Putin straight-up allying with and fortifying Assad

- Iran dicking around with/testing the no nukes deal

- Afghanistan reverting back to complete Taliban control, despite years of expensive, ill-conceived and utterly futile American effort

- Obama still trying hard not to do stupid things, a great idea, given the nature  of the stupid things that preceded him, but maybe yet another, more muted and subtle, sort of stupid thing. . .

- and lots of candidates for president of the United States rabidly champing at the bit to renew our country's right to do all the stupid things we (some, hopefully not a majority) feel like doing.

Yeah, Fred: things are getting complicated.

I don't remember who it was who recently and to my mind sagely commented that these complications reminded him of the gnarly complexities and rivalries that issued into World War I. Another way of putting it: World War I has been said, by contesting historians, to have derived from this or that cause only because there were was all that gnarly complexity setting it off to it, as if inevitably.

This writer I mentioned was sure we would learn from that history.

Today was a perfect fall day in these parts. Sunny, dry, couldn't ask for better. Going to stay that way through much of the week. . .

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