Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Anti-Zionism Accelerant for anti-Semitism . . .

Zionism is not just a cover for anti-Semitism, to the degree that it is, and has been accused of being, but in its own right an accelerant. Especially on the left. Just "unfriended" someone  on guess which social medium who I know would not in person be anti-Semitic, nor tolerate it.

He'd be anti-Coughlin, anti-Lindberg, for instance. Maybe, though I'm far from sure, even anti-Farrakhan, so far as Jews go.

However, Israel for him, is naught but a "Zionist entity." He can't refer to Israel without subsuming it in Zionism. Nor can he introduce the Holocaust as a factor that just might skew the simple colonial settler argument he so favors. 

Zionism equals racism for him.

I go to this social network often enough to argue, with the aim of clarifying my own thinking. And it suffices in that regard. But in the course of my last interaction with this guy, I realized there was no point, none at all.

He was a perfect expression of stubborn, uncomprehending, ultimately awful, left anti-Semitism.

Israel is Zionism. Zionism equals racism.

He can't talk "Jew." Can't even talk "Israel." Only Zionism.

On the left, in certain portions of it, anti-Zionism is not merely a cover for anti-Semitism, but an accelerant.

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