Friday, September 11, 2015


Does it ever occur to you to think how strange it is that Saudis & Kuwaitis, with the highest living standards in the world,  courtesy of petro-bucks, take in next to none of the Syrian/Iraqi refugees?

It's Europe’s problem?

Sorry I don't have the quote but one high up Kuwaiti said, well, there are cultural differences. It would be hard to integrate them.

Cultural differences? Hard to integrate them?

They're Muslims. They speak Arabic. They're Sunnis, even.

And those countries want to prevail upon Israel to take in refugees to a degree that would destroy the country of Israel per se?

Permit me to scoff.


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  2. Would you have defended apartheid-era South Africa if it refused to take in black refugees because it would "destroy the country... per se"? Can't believe you actually take Netanyahu and his "we lack demographic depth(!?)" b.s. seriously.

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    1. So it's ok the Saudis do nothing about refugees? Sunni, Arabic speaking? That is to laugh.

  4. Situation not parallel between S. Africa & Israel. You don't see vast historical difference? Nor was Israeli dominance over Palestinians guaranteed (much as israel has abused its power). Nor even was Israel's existence guaranteed.

    1. Harvey, have you watched "Roadmap to Apartheid"?

      I don't completely agree with its premises - white Europeans had absolutely NO claim to South African land - but the similarities are pretty staggering. Especially if you dismiss the messianic fairy tales used to support Zionism (at least in its current form). And while I'm aware that Jews were prominent in the anti-apartheid struggle, Israel was co-operating with (white) South Africa during the 70s & 80s.

  5. In terms of the Saudis, I completely agree. But our government and the west in general treats these monsters with kid gloves. Wonder why...

    But, I am still upset with Bibi's refusal. I think that under Bibi's "leadership" Israel has become more and more isolated and this is really dangerous for Israel's future. He seems to be signalling that he has some understanding of this problem, but he has on many occasions said he was willing to negotiate with Palestinians, but there have always been hidden conditions that have made his claims a lie. We will have to wait and see, but taking in some refugees would do wonders for my and many others I know estimation of Bibi. I'm not holding my breath.

  6. Ivan, it would be good P.R. if nothing else for Israel to take in refugees, but it can't and won't take in many. Would be best if Netanyahu negotiated in good faith with Palestinians about a West Bank state, but given his own statements and recent cabinet appointments he show no inclination to do that.

  7. Harvey, I think this perspective of "they're both Sunni and Arabic speaking" is detached and myopic. Post-9/11 it's become so common to simply categorize people in the Middle East in these sort of tribal terms of which branch of Islam they belong to, as if that's THE defining trait. Syrian society is probably closer in character to Europe than to Saudi Arabia & Kuwait. I could be wrong, but I doubt many of these refugees would want to flee to countries which are more repressive than the ones they come from.

    Additionally, and this may be only slightly relevant, but I remember reading a few years ago about a study (that I can't locate now) which found that genetically Syrians are closely related to Jews. As, of course, are the Palestinians.