Thursday, September 24, 2015

yogi berra: fork got taken

so yogi comes to that fork
in the road

&  takes it

fork not taken
but yogi

hitting from the right side of the plate
.298 for the year obp .378
30 homeruns 3 stolen bases
(a lot for a catcher)

 takes it

and now he's where it's plenty crowded
but so what
who doesn't go there

& predictions are easy
very easy
of no future

now it's

nice afternoon in the bronx
probably mel allen

the three ring sign

going going going

mickey mantle has a hit, drives in a run
hank bauer, billy martin have hits
enos slaughter in two at bats
goes hitless

yogi berra goes hitless

so what

roy campenella is hitless
pee wee reese hitless
jackie robinson, carl furillo & gil hodges
hitless hitless hitless

when don larsen is done giving up
no hits no walks no runs!*

while striking out seven

yogi jumps on him like
the happiest kid ever

who took that fork

* you can look it up

Thursday, September 17, 2015


I know, I know, we're many of us cheered that the newly elected leader of England’s Labor Party, Jeremy Corbyn, cannot be confused with a Tory or with ex-Labor leader Tony Blair — Corbyn never would have given Bush the British partner without which Bush could never have sold the catastrophic invasion of Iraq — and these are good things. And yet there is room for doubt about Corbyn.

I'm not referring to the predictable smears from the Jewish right (for the Jewish right, just for the fun of smearing back, if you're not for Netanyahu then ipso quacko you're for Hitler), and here I must unfortunately include, much as I appreciate it and many of its offerings. But when it comes to the Middle East and Israel, between Lee Smith and, increasingly, Liel Leibowitz, the tabletmag mavens on these subjects, I feel like I might as well be reading Commentary. (True, Todd Gitlin does every now and then get a sane word in edgewise. Not often enough.)

Back to Corbyn: when raises questions — doesn't point the finger, doesn't denounce, doesn't rush to judgment but posts a caution — that's something to consider.

As in:

Perhaps the main reason Corbyn in particular has accelerated the separation of British Jews from Labour, though, is the feeling that he grasps neither the seriousness of his associations nor that anti-Semitism can exist on the left at all.


Friday, September 11, 2015


Does it ever occur to you to think how strange it is that Saudis & Kuwaitis, with the highest living standards in the world,  courtesy of petro-bucks, take in next to none of the Syrian/Iraqi refugees?

It's Europe’s problem?

Sorry I don't have the quote but one high up Kuwaiti said, well, there are cultural differences. It would be hard to integrate them.

Cultural differences? Hard to integrate them?

They're Muslims. They speak Arabic. They're Sunnis, even.

And those countries want to prevail upon Israel to take in refugees to a degree that would destroy the country of Israel per se?

Permit me to scoff.