Wednesday, August 26, 2015


,I know that much of German society was in denial about who Hitler was and wanted to be, even as he was becoming it. (Upper classes believed he'd restore order, quiet down the socialists, put an end to political violence in the streets, do something about the economy,  and that would be that; Hitler was a good conservative, a bit unruly but nothing more. In the end, he'd heel.)

I don't think the United States circa 2015 is remotely comparable to Weimar Germany, nor do I think "The Apprentice" remotely comparable to "Mein Kampf." (I know how silly that comparison is.)

Still, it's kind of intriguing, I admit, to think that when fascism comes to America it will do so not via tomes like "Mein Kampf" but through reality television.

'Cause, you know, who reads?

But at the risk of being in denial about Trump I maintain the view he is a schmuck eons away from seizing state power, though he leaves footprints for someone like him down the road with a better shot.

Down the road when America has gone to pieces, much as Weimar Germany had done, as a consequence of World War I.

(As we might, I can't but suggest, but haven't yet, with too many unnecessary and unwinnable wars.)

Trump is a concentrated expression of much that is truly sick and sickening about American right-wing politics -- the racism, the misogyny, the authoritarianism, the rabid militarism, the fascist impulse. (The left has its own problems but not on the same level or with the same national effect.)

Trump won't win this time around. Won't come close. But will leave a trail. And there will always be, as there have been,  aspirants.

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