Monday, June 29, 2015

Now I get to lose friends . . .

Yes, Obama's spiel at the Charleston church was spectacular, artful, wonderful. God's grace is great — if you qualify and can get it. But here's my problem: after all that forgiveness and grace, how many seriously committed Christians — including black Christians — are going to allow for gay marriage? And, further, stand up to say so? 

And no, not that you asked me, but the Constitution is not an intrinsically Christian  document; its origins, on the contrary, are in the Enlightenment, a momentously secular unfolding.

And no, the United States is not by definition a Christian commonwealth, whatever that might mean. It's a richer, more complicated, polyglot thing. I say that as a Jew — and as an American.

All this is so obvious I shouldn't even have to say it. But some of the avowedly Christian reaction to gay marriage occasions it.


  1. The Bible is the book that Thomas Jefferson did not believe in....... Not some other tradition...... if that makes sense.

  2. he only disbelieved in the religious element, i think...