Thursday, April 2, 2015

Seder People . . .

People alive or not too long dead I'd like to have at a Seder:

Harold Bloom, Robert Pinsky, Susan Sontag, Larry Bird (you heard me, Larry Bird), maybe just maybe Garry Kasparov, Francine Prose, Carl Djerrasi, Richard Price (that just hit me and it's a great idea), Ayan Hirsi Ali (wouldn't that be interesting?), Rebecca Newberger Goldstein (but she'd probably bring her husband, Stephen Pinker, which could be a drag), EO Wilson (you might think that's a stretch but I don't, he'd be great). . . 

People I don't want at this Seder: Benjamin Netanyahu, Sheldon Adelson, Cynthia Ozick, Michael Lerner. . . and while I'm at it, Paul Berman. . .

Other people I'd like at the Seder:

Stephen Greenblatt, Bobby Fischer (sedated if necessary, but I'd like it). . .

Other people I wouldn't want at the Seder:
Camille Paglia, Paul Wolfowitz . . .  

Fantasy person I'd like at the Seder:
Red Auerbach. . .

Reaching back a little farther:

Hannah Arendt, what, are you kidding; It would be risky but of course.
Clement Greenberg, not a chance


  1. People I'd like: Maurice Sendak, Shalom Rabinowitz, (aka Shalom Aleichem), Gilda Radner (aka Roseanne Rosesannadanna).

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    1. Sendak, awesome. Same with Rabinowitz. Maybe too awesome. Who could say anything?

    2. fred, did not mean to delete your comment . . .