Sunday, March 1, 2015

when the shark bites . . .

call me president obama

commander in chief of the most powerful nation
on earth



not to put too fine a point on it


but bibi comes around
and what do i do

i duck

trust me

i am nowhere to be found

call me hershl hershlplotz

duly elected to the u.s. house of representatives
from somewhere in queens

i happen to be jewish which if you don't mind

i have happened to have been

for a long time

i do love israel

well to be honest & between us
i like it

enough anyway

but when bibi comes to town trumpeting
triumphal bibi-ness

i won't be there to say shalom you speak for me because maybe you don't

(actually, i can't tell for sure
if bib's is my friend
or my enemy.)


then there's me

call me a palestinian

where to go
where to hide

when bibi

"oh the shark bites"

comes to town

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