Saturday, January 17, 2015

Are We at War?

On Tom Ashbrook today — WBUR, Friday, 1/16/15, On Point — when the likes of Jack Beatty get to put their 2 cents in, I tune in. One of the guests said in re no one high up in the United States showing at the massive Paris march that it was meant to signify that we, the United States, are not at war with terrorism. Terrorists of the sort that committed the Charlie Hebdon massacres are best thought of as criminals. Let us not dignify their crazed criminal activity as acts of war.

I beg to differ. No, we are not and of course should not be at war with all Islam, but with the edge of it that is at declared war with us we must acknowledge that we are at war since all too obviously we are.

John Kerry was right for apologizing for the absence of Americans of high rank at that massive French rally. Obama was daft for not seeing the necessity.

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