Saturday, December 6, 2014

Post Orwell: Dick Cheney

Very interesting analysis by J.J. Goldberg in the current issue of the Forward** of the bill before the Knesset to decree Israel a Jewish state, which it is already understood to be, anyway, going back to the U.N. vote to partition Palestine between Jewish and Arab states.

Goldberg’s point is that the Israeli right led by Netanyahu wants to extinguish whatever faint hope there is of Oslo, and a two-state solution. It wants to absorb the Palestinian population of the West Bank into a Greater Israel.

What about the fact that the Arab population might soon exceed the Jewish?

No problem. Israel is a Jewish — an extra-Jewish — state. If Arabs want to live in a super-Jewish state, that's OK as long as they accept the rules of being Arab in a meta-Jewish state.

This is a bad dream, right?

But: Netanyahu is dissolving the current government and calling for elections in the hope of expelling centrists and arriving at a government of his nationalist Likud allied with various assortments of the religious parties. This is just the coalition to achieve final demolition of two-state hopes and with it Israel's claims to be a regarded as a democracy.


Tell me I'm wrong.

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