Monday, December 15, 2014

Dick Cheney: Post Orwell

It's not often, if ever, that Dick Cheney makes me laugh. But I outright guffawed when I read his response to a question about whether he thought rectal feeding — in common parlance, shoving food matter (humus, veal, wanton soup, olives, onions, hot peppers, what have you, whatever the menu ) — up a prisoner's rear end — as applied by the C.I.A. according the Senate report, might constitute torture. 

First off, water boarding was, as per Cheney, nothing like torture. "Torture," he said, "is what the Al Qaeda terrorists did to 3,000 Americans on 9/11."

That was torture? I thought it was mass murder, terrorism gone nightmare. That's the general opinion, but not Cheney's. For him, it's torture.

Let me say that this is not even Orwellian. To call Cheney's grasp of language Orwellian is to compliment it. He doesn't rise to the level of Big Brother, and his brutal logic. Cheney is more particularly deranged.

What about rectal feeding, he was asked.

He said that when applied by the C.I.A. rectal feeding "was done for medical reasons.”

"Medical reasons"!?

This is where I chuckled, where I laughed out loud.

Give this man a talk show. Let him fully express himself.

Let us be fully exposed to the abysses and abscesses (I'm tempted to say the Ebolas) of language as employed by Cheney.

Let us let him fill in blanks even Orwell could not conceive.

Stalinism and Nazism: Orwell got  the gist.

Cheneyism? So far no diagnosis.

Nonsense lingo of new brutality.


  1. The guy is a monster. It is hard for me to write about him in any nuanced way. He pulls all subtlety out of my head.

    1. I agree. But sometimes when people are that shamelessly evil, I do have an urge to laugh. As I did when Ahmadinejad hosted that conference in Teheran, featuring all these "scholars" gathering together to deny such a thing as the Holocaust ever happened.