Tuesday, November 11, 2014

2-state solution, remember that?

It's very easy to give up on the two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, increasingly difficult to think the Oslo idea still has a shot . It's been subverted from both sides, Palestinian and Israeli. ISIS type monstrosity in the region gives Israelis every reason to fear the spread of such into the West Bank. And the Netanyahu government needs not even that excuse to give the two-state solution no more than the bare minimum of lip service, while building settlements at an accelerated clip. Now there is the new nonsense on the Temple Mount with its potential to detonate unto religious war.

My idea is that the Temple and its Mount — the Wall together with the Mosques — be teleported to Mt. Everest, the dark side of the moon, or Mars.

Wherever there is the best price for long-term parking. We'd like to get those sites back at some point, when we might be ready, maybe in a thousand years.

I've been advocating thus for a long time, but no tractor beam has come to my aid.

Still, there is actually some reason to resist despair about Oslo. As J.J. Goldberg keeps arguing in The Forward, a substantial segment of the Israeli army and security apparatus advocates publicly for a Palestinian State alongside Israel. These ex-generals and spy chiefs see much less of a security downside to a Palestinian state than a pronounced uptick for peace. They openly challenge Netanyahu to pay heed.

Monday, November 3, 2014

One Car Guy Down, One to Go . . .

I'm taken aback by the news that Tom Magliozzi — one of the Car Guys — has died. "The radio host died of complications from Alzheimer’s disease, according to NPR."

His younger brother, Ray Magliozzi, stayed within character by adding: “Turns out he wasn’t kidding. He really couldn’t remember last week’s puzzler.”