Friday, September 12, 2014

Iraq is over, No?

Hey, Obama, I wouldn't necessarily want your job and suspect you've had some doubts about wanting it too, dating back to that debate with Romney you snored through, you threw.

I think you'd like to snore through re-intervention in Iraq as well, it being everything you hoped the world would never make you do.

Yet here you are, being so much less post-Bush than you would like to be and to be remembered as being.

Here's my question — yep, that's me at the press conference, the one near the door who is invisible, inaudible, without a press pass and hence inadmissible, and yet I got the question THE question, the one you never allow, key as it may be:

Are you trying to keep Iraq together?
Is that what this is all about?
If so, why?

Right now there are three Iraqs — Shiite (coming to ya straight outta Bagdad), ISIS (spewing from an Islamist hell mouth, and no, saying so does not make me an Isalmophobe), and Kurd.

(Go Kurds.)

But you, it seems to me, are nostalgic for old Iraq, Iraq as we once knew it, Iraq as formulated by the Sykes-Picot agreement post World War I, to help divvy up an Ottoman Empire which was no more.

Obama, I know you know all this, and that you, unlike your predecessor, are neither uniformed or just plain — how to put this as indelicately as I can? — dumb. (I hear you play chess. Compare please with your predecessor, who could barely manage tic-tac-toe, excepting Cheney whispering moves. Poor evil stupid uninformed George Bush. He paints, doesn't he? That's so sweet!)

Back to the issue at hand: why can't you talk about the chess board as I know you see it, in which the Iraq that we, the United States, once harbored, manipulated and abhorred, is kaput and will rise no more?

Hmm. . . ?

(You *could* if truth be told and you were the one to tell it say it was your predecessor who accomplished that demolition, the end of Iraq, not only removing its nasty leadership but dissolving its very civil society and spewing the poisons that resulted from that meltdown throughout the region. But to say so much  would tear this country apart, wouldn't it, and you were never one for tearing apart. Nor is the Democratic Party, for that matter,, though Republicans don't mind.)

The chess board, Oh, yeah, back to the chessboard.

Why not say, Iraq is over?

Since it is.

How can admitting the obvious make dealing with the current situation any harder?

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