Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Obama & Ferguson . . .

I gather some people are faulting Obama for not sounding fiery enough about Ferguson. It's true, his speech on the subject was soporific, as perhaps it was meant to be. It's true, the President is not urging people to storm any barricades.

But he's sending his Attorney General to Ferguson!

He's got the FBI on the case as of  right now!

Wake up!

Wake the hell up!

Do you have any idea how unusual, and, in my opinion, utterly unprecedented it is for that kind of response to happen right quick when it comes to police killings?

Do you know how many police killings (cum murders) never garner that kind of attention?

(I can provide a list, if you like.)

Obama is doing just fine, re Ferguson.

His actions, and they are powerful, speak louder than words.

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