Friday, March 7, 2014

war and nothingness

weird time
defined by actuality or possibility of civil war

ukraine v. ukraine
syria v. syria
egypt v. egypt

it's not about ideology, though that always plays a part, however phantom

not even about religion, reliable bedrock of ineluctable enmity, though that phantom is included

it's about schism

pick your tribe

but to be honest
it's not even about that

let me suggest that, as jerry seinfeld said about his show, the history now unfolding is about nothing

nothing really at all

nothingness is at the root of it
the plenitude of the zero**

this doesn't mean there won't be war war & more war
it just means "why?"

why is for lack of reason
overflow of nothing

about the dark matter of  history
which is most of it

& which nobody understands

** the zero came to the west from india. let us send it back where it came from and then enjoy peace

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