Friday, January 31, 2014

scarlett johansson, oxfam, sodastream, the superbowl

anyone following the fracas about scarlett johansson, oxfam, & sodastream brought to the fore due to her appearing on behalf of sodastream in a superbowl ad?

oxfam has removed her as a spokesperson due to her appearing for sodastream.

sodastream is an israeli outift with its main factory in a west bank settlement. the sodastream product lets you carbonate beverages as you like. i have personal experience with it. it works well. it removes dependanc on poland springs, for example.

b.d.s (boycott divest sanction) types have always excoriated sodastream, as they do, one way or another, when it comes down to it, the very existence of israel.

as for me, i oppose israel settlements on the west bank.
i support boycott of west bank settlement exports.
i oppose bds.

in this case, i am confused. sodastream provides good employment for 500 palestinians. you can listen to some of them praise their work, their working conditions, and the lifestyle it has afforded them on youtube. you can hear the owner of sodastream say it would be much easier for him to relocate his factory but he feels a responsibility toward his employees.

i tilt toward buying sodastream.

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