Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Polonius about globalization

a scenario, a counter history, a video game:

the gov. shutdown continues. the fascist cum bolshevik tea party even refuses to raise the debt ceiling for a day or two, enough time for a serious shit storm, a killer asteroid ripping through american and global economy.

american combat veterans who are not receiving benefits revolt. chaos ensues in the military.

obama can't make do on the shift toward the pacific, where the u.s., in so many scenarios a warmonger, is a peacemaker. (what else keeps beijing out of taipiei? goodwill?)

chinese nationalists get to make war with japanese nationalists over those stony, useless, exquisitely symbolic islands.

globalization goes down, crashes.

now what?

globalization looks like paradise.

is this a video game or a low but far from no percentage counter/future history?

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