Monday, September 9, 2013

upside downside syria


for the first time it seems that the prolonged comedy of errors -- accent on prolonged -- featuring obama, kerry, and a cast of characters otherwise known as the congress, may produce something sane: russia has asked assad to turn over chemical weapons, in exchange for no attack by the u.s.. if i heard it right, assad is considering it. 

that's an upside. putin gets to be global peace maker. fine.

the downside of what i've heard is that the resolution before congress "authorizes two or three months of sustained bombing and missile strikes, aimed at decisively damaging assad’s military bases and infrastructure."

that's as per tom hayden -- who, let it be said, i no longer fully trust. (i haven't, but will, double-check.)

still, if that's the case -- "two or three months of sustained bombing and missile strikes" -- this is not a punitive strike, it's a nothing less than a war that obama/kerry are proposing.

again, back to the upside: is the very threat promoting negotiated results?

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