Monday, September 30, 2013

Netanyahu Meets With Obama

yes, netanyahu has no right to be slipping his ongoing erosion of the very possibility of a two-state solution under the radar, which he's doing in hebron & elsewhere. he's expecting the palestinians to come to the table to talk about a state while he eats up the very ground of such a state.

i hope obama notices & makes the point forcefully.

still & all, obama’s attempt at negotiation with rohani, netanyahu or the saudis to the contrary, makes complete sense.

no, iran should not get nukes.

but who exactly is going to make war on iran to prevent it?

australia? (lol. gag me with a 'roo. no, not australia.)

saudi arabia, which hates the idea of iranian nukes — much as it hates the whole of shiite iranian power — as much, or more than does israel? (see wikileaks for messages attesting to that).

the saudis will only be urging the u.s. on, but barely mattering in the event. and if the u.s. attacks, will the masses of sunnis & shiites not forget their increasingly murderous rift and unite against america? this is not a rhetorical question.

anybody out there with an answer?

israel, of course, opposes iranian nukes, as it must, and should.

but if iran can be negotiated out of nukes, israel must live with ongoing iranian enmity.

such is the middle-east.

as for taking out numerous, deep-delved iranian sites, the military might of israel is clearly not adequate.

else it would have happened. israel would have acted. we would have read about some explosions in iran — as before in iraq & syria — and that would be that.

not in this case.

israel needs the united states for this.

possibly the armed might of the united states, as in anything less than a major ground invasion, involving thousands of "boots on the ground" might be inadequate.

that's how big iran is & how troubling the military options.

i don't think iran should have nukes.
it would make the world worse.
i can count the ways.

but be advised, americans are not, after bush's stupifying invasions of iraq & afghanistan, in the mood for a major boots on the ground type thing.

so tell me, why obama should not explore diplomacy with rohani.

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