Monday, July 22, 2013

Commentary: The Best We Have

Sometimes what you want to do is curate, to use that awfully pretentious Huffpo word. Sometimes you want to point to writers and thinkers who provide counsel, a smidgeon of wisdom, an indication that it is possible to wrestle adult sense out of complexity.

For me, two such are JJ. Goldberg, longtime contributor to The Forward, this country's historic organ of secular Jewish news and opinion, and Frank Rich, ex of the NY Times, now writing for New York Magazine (

Of the two, in this case, re Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman, I think Frank Rich's commentary much the best of the many I've read.

There is no one better at providing seamless cultural/political context. Rich made his bones as a theater critic, then, as it were, added on politics. He doesn't confuse audience applause and approbation with brute political power but never fails to see the connection.

JJ. Goldberg knows Jewish affairs, nationally, locally (as in New York City), and in relation to Israel.

They are both the best we have.

Let me, without further ado, curate them:

JJ Goldberg:

Frank Rich:

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