Sunday, March 1, 1998

Q&A David Sedaris: After Radio

Originally appeared in the Boston Book Review
(Date Approximate).

During episodes of unemployment I find it rewarding to sleep as much as possible -- anywhere from twelve to fourteen hours a day is a good starting point. I'd wake up in the afternoon, watch my stories on TV, and then head over to the sofa for a few more hours of shut-eye. It became my habit to pick up a newspaper just after five o'clock and spend some time searching the want ads, wondering who might qualify for any of the advertised positions: vault verifier, pre-press salesman, audit technical reviewer. Show me the child who dreams of being a sausage casing inspector. What sort of person is going to raise his clenched fist in victory after reading "New Concept = Big $! High energy = Return + Comm. Fax resume." Fax resume for what?
   David Sedaris"Naked"

HB: When you started writing, did you have radio in mind?